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"Omar Tamez shows what a refreshingly distinctive and original guitarist he is – left-field and unexpected in tone, attack and conception, in a completely natural and unforced way..."


Michael Shore - New York City


“Omar is an incredibly powerful performer with uniquely charming stage presence......”


​Aaron Mace - Austin


“El jazz que hace Omar Tamez es extraordinario y estamos convencidos de que esta abriendo brechas en el jazz de Nuevo Leòn y en la región”


El Porvenir; Mexico


"Tamez strums his hollow body guitar, at times rhythmically and gently, at other times frantically and chaotically......what a creative and diverse musician he is.......Mr. Tamez does have his own distinctive tone and approach to playing guitar, he adjusts to the abilities of each collaborator in different ways. Tamez uses the smoother, jazz guitar-like tone at times but still goes further out as things develop. "


Bruce Gallanter - New York City


"With very little gear, Tamez created sound worlds that eddied and flowed with full dynamic range.... speaking of open-hearted, Omar Tamez is one of the most humble, love-filled and accomplished people I have met. His easy smile and delicate mastery of the guitar are merely the most visible aspect of a brilliant, well-read, well-traveled musician.....his fascination with electronics were fueled by studies with Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen.....his photographic memory allows him to store vast amounts of information, including a deep knowledge of many types of music......"


Glenn Siegel - UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center


“Omar is the greatest improviser I played……..he has the capability to find sounds and spaces were nobody else can……….he moves me to play things and sounds I never played before………”

Karl Berger



















Tours in America, Europe, Africa and Asia coming.
Check concerts for more details!!!

"Tamez’s music, while including modern European and American instruments never seems to originate in their commonly associated styles and, while the language of his poetry is Spanish, the spirit of his music is pre-Columbian.


At first, he almost seems to be playing at the guitar; but as his performance continues, you see that the guitar is what he plays his music on. Instead of accessing the “tradition” of the instrument (something he is quite capable of doing, as his discography shows), he goes to a tradition of place, where instruments are assimilated.


In a sense, the umbrella he uses for his projects, “Non-Jazz,” is a non-sequitur, since indigenousness is the root of jazz as well.


Ratzo B. Harris - New Music Box



"Mr. Tamez is a superb soloist        does a splendid job of a series creating moods without ever playing too many notes so that each one counts. Calm down and float on his raft is an ocean of haunted dreamscapes".

Bruce Gallanter - New York City






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